National Children's Museum to Close Sunday in Preparation of Move Back to D.C.

This weekend is your last chance to visit the National Children's Museum at National Harbor.

The museum plans to move back to the District after two years in Maryland. It will close Sunday, but no reopening date has been set yet -- museum officials are still searching for a new space.

Some exhibits will be relocated to D.C. public libraries in the meantime.

The museum cited a lack of affordable expansion space as a factor in the decision to move.

"We're in 17,000 square feet of space now," said Ross Hechinger, chair of the museum's board. "We're looking to at least double that space, if not more."

Museum officials also want to return to D.C. because it's more centrally located.

A quarter of a million kids and families had visited the museum since it moved to Prince George's County.

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