Mom Accused of Suffocating Kids Indicted in Maryland

A Maryland woman accused of suffocating her two young children has been indicted on two counts of first-degree murder, the Prince George's County state's attorney announced Thursday.

Sonya Spoon, of Cheverly, was arrested on Sept. 7 after admitting to police that she suffocated 1-year-old Ayden Spoon and 3-year-old Kayla Thompson.

A family member found the children unresponsive in the Cheverly home. Bags had been placed over their heads and secured with duct tape, police said.

Both children were taken to Children's National Medical Center, where they died.

"The tragic death of these two beautiful, young children, along with the deaths of Knijah Bibb and Laila Miller, really shook our community and kept me up at night," Alsobrooks said. "While we will seek justice for the families by prosecuting those we believe responsible for their deaths, we must also come together as a community to end domestic violence and bring peace and unity back to our families."

Spoon also was indicted on two counts each of first-degree child abuse, first-degree assault and second-degree assault.

A week before the killings, on Sept. 1, Spoon received a mental evaluation after her mother called Cheverly police and told them she was worried because Spoon was threatening to kill Kayla and herself.

Following the evaluation, Spoon was released and allowed back home with her two children. Cheverly Police say they did all they could do, legally.

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