Post-Op Issues Send Marion Barry Back to Hospital

Ex-mayor readmitted after routine follow up

WASHINGTON -- Marion Barry has been in the hospital since Tuesday due to post-kidney-operation issues, according to a Howard University Hospital spokesman.

Sources said Barry is weak and that there appear to be post-operative complications to his kidney transplant, but there doesn't appear to be an outright rejection.

He has been able to talk on the phone with friends and colleagues, sources said.

Barry hoped to return to work Tuesday following his kidney transplant less than two weeks ago, but he was not present at the start of the 10 a.m. Council meeting.

The councilman went to the hospital for routine tests Monday morning. Doctors discovered large amounts of air in his stomach, Barry spokeswoman Natalie Williams said, and Barry was called back and readmitted Tuesday.

Barry complained of extreme discomfort, and doctors determined that was due to the combination of medicines he's taking, Williams said.

The transplanted kidney continues to function well, doctors said. They called it a remarkable match on Friday.

"The doctor advised that he get a little bit more rest before coming back," said Bernadette Tolson, Barry's chief of staff. "So that's kind of a hard pill for him to swallow because he wants to be here working. But it's best for him and his health." 

Barry likely will remain in the hospital until the end of the week.

The former mayor hoped to be able to attend the council meeting in order to try to reverse a tuition hike at the University of the District of Columbia. He also wanted to seek to keep open enrollment at D.C.'s only public university.

His return would have come less than two weeks after undergoing a kidney transplant at Howard University Hospital.

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