Howard University

19-Year-Old Fatally Shot Walking to Shaw Metro Station

A man has died after he was shot Sunday night on the same block as the Shaw-Howard University Metro station. 

Tahlil Byrd, 19, of Southeast D.C. was shot in the 600 block of S Street NW near homes and businesses.

Surveillance footage shows an empty residential street lined with parked cars. Sixteen shots and a person shouting can be heard in the video captured by Nahem Simon's security camera. 

“It scared the hell out of me and I just hit the floor,” said a man named Robert, who heard the shots. “Then I saw police all over the place. It scared the hell out of me.”

The gunman is believed to have fled the scene riding a bike.

Byrd was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries. Overnight, police said he died.

Byrd’s sister said he was in the neighborhood to visit his girlfriend and was on his way to the Metro station to go home.

Byrd was one of nine siblings. His mother died in a fire about six years ago.

Simon said the gunshots were not the first caught by his security camera.

“Our camera captured 11 gunshots maybe three weeks ago,” he said. “It’s great having that security, but a camera is not going to stop people from getting shot. A camera’s not going to stop guns getting pulled out in the middle of the day, as has happened to us.”

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