Lost Bunny: Arlington Public Works on Quest to Find Owner of Lost Toy

After a stuffed bunny was found in the trash after the Taste of Arlington, the Department of Environmental Services launched a social media campaign to find its owner. The bunny still hasn't been claimed, but that hasn't stopped him from going on a very unique adventure.

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Arlington Department of Environmental Services
The saga of the lost bunny began last month, when crews with the Arlington Department of Environmental Services found the gray, stuffed bunny while sorting through the trash from the Taste of Arlington. The next day, the utility launched a social media campaign, searching for the bunny's owner. "Let us know if someone is missing a good friend," the department's tweet read.
The bunny had been without its owner for weeks, but hanging out the Department of Environmental Services has its perks. Since his first social media appearance, the bunny has gone on many adventures, donning a new makeshift yellow vest and plastic construction cap. "It kind of went viral from there," said spokeswoman Jessica Baxter.
"We came up with the idea to take the bunny along on a journey through our public works system," Baxter said. The company hopes the bunny's social media adventure will help find his owner while exposing the public to a different aspect of the Department of Environmental Services.
The bunny has even become a Caps fan along the way, holding a Caps banner atop one of the county's street sweepers as it "swept" the county for his owner. .
But the stuffed toy remains hopeful and is "plowing" through all possible leads, the Department of Environmental Services said on Twitter.
VDOT has even joined the quest, sharing the plight of the lost bunny on its Twitter account.
The owner of the bunny can claim the toy by contacting the Department of Environmental Services on Facebook, Twitter or via email. When asked what would happen to the bunny if he goes unclaimed, Baxter said, "I definitely think he can become out unofficial mascot."
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