Roller Coaster That Stranded 24 People Reopens at Six Flags in Maryland

Joker's Jinx which got riders stuck in midair for more than three hours is back in service.

The roller coaster that stranded 24 riders in midair for more than three hours last week is back in service at Six Flags America in Prince George's County, Maryland.

The Joker's Jinx coaster stopped about 6 p.m. that night, leaving riders as young as 6 years stuck at a 30 degree angle while 80 feet in the air.

Firefighters used a hydraulic crane to rescue passengers one at a time. The last person was safely removed from the ride after 9 p.m.

No one was hurt during the incident. 

The roller coaster accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in about three seconds, according to the amusement park's website. It features a "spaghetti bowl" design with various loops and turns. It usually takes just a minute and 15 seconds to complete, but not for the riders Thursday. 

The same ride got stuck with two dozen people aboard in August 2014.

Corporate engineers and certified technicians identified and resolved the problem with one of the wheels on the train that got stuck, a Six Flags spokeswoman said in a release Tuesday.

"Please know the safety of our guests is always our top priority," said Communications Manager Denise Stokes in the statement.

State ride inspectors cleared the ride for service, she said.

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