Capitol Hill Open for Sledding

Prior to Dec. 2015, sledding at the Capitol had been banned for 15 years

There's enough snow in D.C. to sled, and where better to sled then at the Capitol?

Sledding is allowed on the Capitol Building's West Front for the second winter after a 15-year ban.

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton welcomed the sledders, and the Architect of the Capitol gave six tips for sledding safely.

Sledders are advised to stay alert for snow removal equipment, use sleds that can be steered and to listen to Capitol Police.

In Dec. 2015, Norton added language permitting sledding on Capitol grounds to a federal spending bill, lifting a ban that took effect in 2001.

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser visited News4's Pat Collins as he kicked of the Snow Stick Challenge

Language added to the 2016 omnibus spending package instructs Capitol Police not to interfere with sledders in the future, and former President Barack Obama signed it into law.

In March 2015, determined children and families gathered for a "sled-in" to protest the ban after U.S. Capitol Police warned that sledding was prohibited on Capitol Hill.

"If you are up for a little civil disobedience, a sled-in is planned for today.... Come armed with sleds!" a petition said.

While the sled-in was not legal, Capitol Police did not enforce the ban that day.

Thought it would never snow? Think again! It's time for a Pat Collins Snow Stick Challenge!
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