All Clear After American University Locked Down as a Precaution for Report of Armed Man Near Campus

Police lifted the lockdown at American University after a report of an armed man near campus.

D.C. police received a report Wednesday afternoon of a man walking in the area of Nebraska Avenue NW at New Mexico Avenue NW with an exposed handgun on his side. An American University spokesman said the man was seen about 1 p.m.

The school was placed on lockdown out of an abdundance of caution, although the initial report indicated that the person was not on campus.

Metropolitan Police, AU Police and the Secret Service conducted a building-by-building search of the campus, releasing the buildings from the lockdown as they cleared them.

Those under the lockdown were asked to shelter in place.

"If inside, lock doors & stay away from windows. If outside, leave campus immediately," read part of a tweet on the @AmericanU Twitter account.

Shuttle operations were suspended, but the Red Express Shuttle route for the Spring Valley Building has resumed.

AU Police said it continues working with the Metropolitan Police Department to identify the man with the gun. 

An earlier report said the man was seen about 1:30 p.m.

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