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Travelers Delayed By Ash



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    Travelers in the Washington area are experiencing delays as a plume of volcanic ash from Iceland closes airports in Europe. The ash from one volcano in Iceland is affecting travel plans far and wide, from the U.S. to parts of Africa.

    Daniel Perry came up from Charlottesville, headed for Italy. While driving to the airport he received a text message saying his flight was canceled.

    "I had no idea what was going on and then I got here and they told me it was a volcano and I was like, okay, can't do much about that -- it's a wait and see game," he said.

    Andy Brotherton and his friends just spent a few days in New York for a bachelor party, they're trying to get home to the United Kingdom.

    "We haven't been to bed, we've had nothing to eat, we're having to fork out our own money to get home," said Brotherton.

    On the bright side, the bachelor party went well.

    "New York is amazing," he said.

    They're going to sleep off the party and try again tomorrow, but the Federal Aviation Administration said problems could persist for 48 hours depending on the weather -- and the volcano.

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