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Traffic Snarls Drug Pickup Plans

Couple gets pot by mistake and calls cops



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    They thought it might be a present for their 11-month-old child.  But it turned out to be anything but that.

    FedEx left a box on the doorstep of Eric Anderson and Melanie Sloan’s Capitol Hill home on Monday night. According to the Washington Post, Anderson started to open the package and found it a bit challenging.

    Inside the first box was another heavily taped box. Inside the second box was a Styrofoam box.

    At that point, Sloan -- a former Assistant U. S. Attorney -- got suspicious, thought the package could be a bomb, and asked him not to go further, according to the Post. Anderson, though, took it out to the back porch and continued.

    Inside the Styrofoam box were several more packages wrapped in plastic wrap and duct tape.  Eventually he found coffee grounds.  A delivery from Starbucks?  Hardly. 

    His wife, the former prosecutor, knew it was drugs.

    Traffickers, apparently, frequently use coffee grounds to hide the whiff of drugs from narcotics-detecting dogs. (Although some "experts" say if you're using coffee, you're doing it wrong.)

    Sure enough, the package contained 33 pounds of marijuana which police told the Post had an estimated street value of $120,000.

    According to the Post, police say drug shippers often have delivery companies drop off drugs at random houses when they know the occupants are not home. After the delivery, the dealer, then, moves in and scoops up the package, and the homeowner is none the wiser.  Sometimes the scheme works.  Other times it has fatal results.

    But, on this day, the FedEx delivery truck, apparently, got stuck in heavy traffic and didn’t drop off the package until after Sloan and Anderson were home from work, fixing dinner at about 6 p.m.  So they found the package and police, not the dealers, got the drugs.