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Student Compares Rhee to Cruel "Harry Potter" Teacher

Fired teachers demand apology from Rhee



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    Donning T-shirts that read "I Am Not a Child Molester," fired teachers demanded an apology from D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee Monday.

    The teachers are upset about a comment Rhee made in Fast Company that some of the hundreds of teachers fire in the fall had sexually or physically abused students. Rhee has since clarified the comment, saying one of the fired teachers had been on administrative leave for sexual misconduct and six others had served suspensions for corporal punishment violations, but she maintains that her Fast Company quote was true -- even if misunderstood -- so no apology to other teachers is necessary.

    At a D.C. Council hearing on school issues, about a half dozen fired teachers said the Fast Company article damaged the reputations of all the fired teachers.

    Regardless, Council Chairman Vincent Gray said the school system hasn't proven why any of the teachers deserved to be fired.

    Fired DC Teachers Demand Apology

    [DC] Fired DC Teachers Demand Apology
    ?I Am Not a Child Molester? t-shirts were worn by a fired DC teachers testifying Monday at a DC Council hearing on school issues. Chairman Gray spoke up saying he saw no evidence of why the teachers were fired.
    (Published Monday, March 15, 2010)

    Outside the Wilson building, about 100 students from Hardy Middle School's marching band played at a rally protesting the reassignment of Principal Patrick Pope. Pope is credited with attracting many black students to the school's art and music program and is being rewarded with a move to an arts-centered magnet middle school, another decision that's baffled Gray.

    "For the life of me, I do not understand why this is being done," he said, according to D.C. Wire.

    Students lined up in council chamber to protest the move, with one comparing Rhee to Dolores Umbridge -- a cruel teacher at Hogwarts Academy in the "Harry Potter" series.

    Rhee is scheduled to testify at a March 22 hearing.