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Search for Man in UMd. Bus Assault

Man allegedly punched a female student without warning



    Police Hunt UMd. Shuttle Bus Assailant

    Police in College Park are looking for a man who they say punched a female on a UMD shuttle bus. Jackie Bensen has more. (Published Saturday, March 16, 2013)

    University of Maryland Police need your help to find a man who they say punched a female student on a campus shuttle bus.

    Police released a picture from a security camera on board the bus of the man they think is responsible.

    They say last Saturday the man, without warning, punched the female in the mouth. Police say several students on the bus had been drinking and the situation quickly got out of hand.

    “The scene became very disorderly on the bus,” Maj. Mark Limansky told News4’s Jackie Bensen. “People were fighting. Her friends came to her aid, tried to fight off the individual who committed the assault. The bus driver ultimately said, ‘Everybody off the bus.’”

    The shuttle buses are often considered a safe way for students to travel, especially at night. And those we talked to say violence is rare.

    “Every now and then people get rowdy, but I mean there is nothing too crazy or out of the ordinary,” one student told Bensen.

    “Typically they’re normally loud, I wouldn’t say violent,” another student said.

    Police believe the man they are looking for is either a student himself or a friend of a student.