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Police Consider Slick Roads When Issuing Red-Light Camera Tickets



    Some drivers are wondering what happens if they can't stop safely at icy intersections with red light cameras? Police tell us that it is your responsibility to make sure you brake early enough to stop but there could be some leeway. News 4's Kristin Wright asked police how they handle red light tickets in icy conditions. (Published Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2014)

    Slippery roads can make it difficult to catch all of those red lights and avoid tickets from red-light cameras, but police say they are sympathetic to drivers.

    Red light cameras are always rolling -- rain, sleet or snow – but Montgomery County police review each potential violation individually.

    Prince George's County police say they know winter roads can make stopping difficult. Their officers sit down and look at violation photos one by one.

    "We make a determination that if there's ice in the roadway or snow or something like that that would impede people's slowing down for the traffic lights and stopping, then we'll void the violations," said Maj. Robert Liberati of Prince George’s County police.

    But they still caution everyone to be careful.

    "In this type of weather, you’ve got to slow down so that you are able to stop for the lights," Liberati said.