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Local Leads: 01/25/2010

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    Local Leads: 01/25/2010
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    Metro Appointee: "Serious Disorder" in System

    The first federal appointee to have a vote on Metro's board said the D.C. region's transit agency is "in serious disorder," and it will require significant steps to turn the situation around. The federal government announced the appointment of two Metro Board of Directors members on Sunday, marking an expanded role of the feds in the operations of the beleaguered system. (Washington Examiner)

    Cell Use Ban could be Doomed

    Virginia drivers probably will be legally allowed to keep one hand on a cell phone and one hand on the wheel for the foreseeable future--though safety experts consider it risky behavior. A handful of bills submitted in the Virginia General Assembly that involved using a hand-held wireless device to accept or make phone calls while driving have been tabled in a House of Delegates subcommittee. Three others are still alive in the Senate. (Fredericksburg.com)

    New Dulles People Mover

    Officials at Dulles International Airport will show off their new, $1.5 billion AeroTrain system that will shuttle travelers from the terminal to the gate and replace the airport’s unique “mobile lounges.“  The airport has not yet said exactly when the AeroTrain will open to the traveling public. A media tour is scheduled for Monday morning. Airport officials have previously said they want the system up and running this month. (InsideNova.com)

    Stolen Shoes Mystery

    Police are investigating the discovery of hundreds of shoes in duffel bags along a creek in Elkton, Md., but they don't know if the shoes are related to a string of shoe thefts in Newark, Del. Newark police say during several burglaries, pairs of men's shoes were stolen, as well as photographs depicting men. (WTOP)


    No More Photos of the Declaration of Independence

    So you want to take a photo of the original copies of the Declaration of Independence or U.S. Constitution the next time you visit the National Archives? Nope, sorry, head to the gift store. Tourists will be banned from taking photographs or video in the Archives main exhibition hall starting on Feb. 24. Thousands of power flashes from cameras have the potential to further damage some of the nation's most important original documents, and photographers have disrupted the flow of visitors for years, the National Archives and Records Administrationsaid in Monday's Federal Register. (Washington Post)