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Lanier Says Foxhall Road Speed Camera Churned Out 31,000 Tickets

Over the course of 2 months



    More on the speed camera on Foxhall Road that has clocked thousands of speeders in northwest Washington. (Published Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012)

    Chef Geoff Tracy said last month that he racked up three tickets in three days on Foxhall Road after speeding by a new D.C. camera posted there.

    He was not alone.

    D.C. Chief Cathy Lanier said in an interview with WTOP radio on Thursday that the speed camera position there has been a ticket-producing machine.

    The chief said that during the 30-day warning period, 20,000 warning tickets were written.  In the next 30-day period, the camera was responsible for 11,000 speeding tickets.

    Tracy very publicly took issue with the new speeding camera, sending an email blast to customers giving them a map to the location of the camera and complaining about how much it had cost him.

    He wrote, "All y'all that live in upper Northwest DC and drive on Foxhall Road . . . watch out for the new speed camera.  It's on a downhill so it gets you every time.  Plus it, costs an outrageous $150 per ticket!"

    Tracy was so incensed with the new camera that he hired someone to stand near it on the roadway and spin a sign, warning motorists.

    On Thursday, Lanier said about the chef: "I hope he slows down."