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I Can't Drive 65!

Man pulled over for going too slow



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    Bonstrom contends he was pulled over before reaching this 65 mph zone.

    Erik Bonstrom considers himself a safe driver. So imagine his surprise when he was stopped along Route 50 Tuesday evening in Prince George's County, Md., -- for going too slow.

    "Coming back on Route 50, the speed limit is 55 and I was pulled over by a Maryland State trooper," Bonstrom said. "When I asked him why, he said I was going too slow and issued me an $80 ticket for going 58 in a 65."

    Bonstrom said he tried to reason with the trooper as passing cars whizzed by.

    "To me, you are punishing a safe driver and there are many cars that were passing me, and I guess it was just easier to pull me over than the cars that were speeding," Bonstrom said.

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    [DC] Motorist Fights Slowpoke Traffic Citation
    A man who considers himself a safe driver is protesting a ticket he got for driving too slow.
    (Published Wednesday, July 22, 2009)

    Bonstrom said the traffic stop is more puzzling because it came just yards before a 65 mph sign. He said he believes he was pulled over for going 58 mph on a part of the road that is actually a 55 mph zone, not 65 mph like the trooper claims.

    A Maryland State Police representative said they are looking into the matter and plan to have a response within 24 hours.

    Bonstrom said he plans to fight the ticket in court.

    "If I was wrong, if I was speeding, then you got me and I'm wrong," Bonstrom said. "But the fact that I don't believe I'm wrong and that I wasn't breaking any laws -- that's why I'm fighting it."