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FBI: Alleged Cannibal Cop Planned to Cook Maryland Woman

Prosecutors say NYPD officer Gilberto Valle conspired to capture and cook a Germantown, Md., woman.



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    Cheerful written exchanges between NYPD officer Gilberto Valle and women from his past appeared in a sinister new light Tuesday, after an FBI agent described how Valle had talked online about killing and eating the women -- including a Germantown, Md., resident who had attended the University of Maryland with him.

    "I'm dying to taste some girl meat," Valle, 28, told an online friend who shared an appetite for human flesh, Agent Corey Walsh testified Tuesday.

    The testimony came on the second day of Valle's criminal trial in a Manhattan federal court.

    Valle, a Queens resident, is charged with conspiring to kidnap women and illegally accessing a government database to research potential victims. If convicted, he could face life in prison.

    On Monday, Valle's wife told jurors she fled their home in September with their 1-year-old daughter after discovering that Valle spent hours each night on extreme sexually violent websites and one that catered to those interested in cannibalism and asphyxiation.

    In Reno, Nev., she turned over a computer to the FBI that contained hundreds of Valle's emails and instant messages with what the government has described as co-conspirators.

    To prove that the plots involved real women and to counter defense claims that it was all fantasy, the government summoned several women to testify about their dealings with Valle before, according to prosecutors, he wrote about them as potential targets and, in two cases, as potential meals.

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    The women included a former high school classmate, two former college classmates and an 18-year-old woman who attended Valle's high school alma mater and said she had no contact with him before he described her to one of his Internet friends as "the most desirable piece of meat I've ever met" and small enough to fit in his oven.

    Kimberly Sauer, of Germantown, Md., went to the University of Maryland with Valle and had nothing bad to say about her former classmate.

    On cross-examination, Sauer told defense attorney Julia Gatto that she never felt threatened by Valle.

    Sauer learned of the case only after she received a disturbing Facebook message from Valle's wife last year. The message arrived in the middle of the night and sounded so crazy that she texted Valle to warn that the account must have been hacked.

    Either that "or you're trying to sell me into white slavery," she recalled joking in the text.

    But Walsh said Valle's computer had a file titled "Abducting and Cooking Kimberly: A Blueprint," which included a photo of Sauer.

    Sauer came up frequently as a subject in online chats between Valle and a man in Great Britain who used Moody Blues as a screen name and MeatMarketMan as part of his email address, the agent testified.

    Walsh said Moody Blues told Valle he had fantasized about cannibalism since he was six years old but did not fulfill the desire until 35 years later.

    In one correspondence, Valle suggests a woman named Kimberly -- prosecutors say Sauer -- would be easy prey because she lived alone.

    "I can knock her out, wait until dark and kidnap her right out of her house," he wrote, according to prosecutors.

    The agent said Moody Blues suggested eating their victim alive but Valle responded: "I'm not really into raw meat."

    Walsh said they also discussed cooking Sauer, basted in olive oil, over an open fire and using her severed head as a centerpiece for a sit-down meal.

    "I just can't wait to get Kimberly cooking," the agent quoted Valle as saying.

    In a chat, Valle told Moody Blues he was meeting Kimberly for lunch on Sunday and that she would be "kidnapped in a couple of months."

    Moody Blues told him he'd "given thought to your ideas about cooking her alive."

    "Give me some ideas," Valle said.

    Moody Blues suggested "cutting her feet off and cooking them on the BBQ in front of her."

    "I suppose that's a possibility," Valle said. "You are the one with the experience."

    Walsh also described communications between Valle and his co-defendant, Michael Vanhise, of Trenton, N.J. He said the two negotiated the price to be paid for a Manhattan teacher to be taken to New Jersey in a suitcase for Vanhise to rape and kill.

    The agent said Valle asked Vanhise whether he wanted the woman clothed or naked and Vanhise said he wanted her clothed.

    "Excellent. I'll leave her clothes on. I'll give you the pleasure of unwrapping your gift," Valle was quoted as saying.

    Vanhise, like Valle, has pleaded not guilty. His lawyers also say he engaged only in Internet fantasy chats.

    The government hasn't said what role Moody Blues played in the investigation.