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Banks Could Be Released From Hospital Wednesday



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    Brandon Banks

    Redskins wide receiver and kick returner Brandon Banks is making some progress in his recovery after being stabbed over the weekend and could get out of the hospital Wednesday morning.

    Because his wounds were first described as superficial, friends and teammates are wondering why he's still hospitalized.

    James Gould, Banks's agent, said X-rays came back negative, but Banks still has a tube inserted in his chest in order to drain blood and air.

    "The blood can come from the skin or the muscles of the chest wall, meaning the enclosure of that cavity, or it can come from the lung itself," said Dr. Jack Sava, of Washington Hospital Center. "Now the tube is designed to drain both the air and the blood out of the cavity, and what that means is the lung can get back up to the chest wall where it belongs and it can start to heal."

    Tube in Brandon Banks Chest Designed to Drain Air, Blood

    [DC] Tube in Brandon Banks Chest Designed to Drain Air, Blood
    Dr. Jack Sava with the Washington Hospital Center talks about treating injuries such as the one sustained by Brandon Banks in a weekend stabbing.
    (Published Wednesday, Feb. 16, 2011)

    On Tuesday, Banks was able to speak to his best friend, Christopher Nixon, who also was stabbed outside The Park at 14th nightclub in northwest D.C. early Saturday morning.

    Jason Shorter, 24, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

    Gould denied allegations that Banks may have instigated the altercation, insisting his client was just a victim.

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