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Alexandria to Hold New Waterfront Vote

City hopes development plan will net supermajority.



    Alexandria to Hold New Waterfront Vote

    The Alexandria City Council said Friday that it would hold a new vote on the question of whether or not to approve a controversial plan to redevelop the city's waterfront along the Potomac River.

    The original waterfront plan, which would call for the building of hotels and other commercial enterprises, was passed by the council by a 5-2 vote in January 2012. Opponents of the plan argued that approval required a supermajority, with at least six council members supporting the plan.

    In the interim, multiple lawsuits have halted any possible construction progress. But the make-up of the City Council has changed as well. Both council members who opposed the waterfront plan lost their seats in last year's elections, and Mayor William D. Euille (D), a supporter of the waterfront plan, cruised to re-election last November.

    According to the Washington Post, the city hopes that if the plan earns a supermajority in the re-vote and if the city's zoning laws as they relate to the plan are clarified, the lawsuits will be thrown out or withdrawn soon after.

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    The first of two lawsuits over the plan is due to be heard in Circuit Court on April 8 and 9. A separate petition on the question of whether a supermajority vote was required is currently before the Virginia Supreme Court. Meanwhile, the city will put its proposed rewrite of the zoning law before its Planning Commission March 5. The new vote is set for March 16.