2 Cheetah Cub Litters Born at Smithsonian Facility in Virginia

Say hello to a dozen new cheetah cubs!

Say hello to 10 new cheetah cubs! Two large litters of cubs have been born recently at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Virginia. 

One cheetah mom, named Happy, gave birth to five cubs March 23 and a second cheetah, Miti, gave birth to seven cubs March 28. However, two cubs from the second litter later died.

The Smithsonian said the 10 surviving cubs have all been nursing. Both litters have two male and three female cubs. The institute says the average litter size is just three cubs, so both litters are large.

The institute says 46 cubs have been born at the institute since the facility started breeding cheetahs in 2010.

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