‘Army’ of Mark Zuckerberg Cutouts Set Up Outside Capitol Before CEO’s Testimony

Activists placed 100 life-size cutouts of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg outside the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday before Zuckerberg testified before a Congressional panel.

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The group displayed 100 life-size Mark Zuckerberg cutouts near the U.S. Capitol to bring attention to Facebook "spreading disinformation," according to a statement from Avaaz.
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The group created a detailed plan called "Four Solutions to Fix Fakebook," which calls on Zuckerberg to pay for fact checkers, ban bots, make the public aware of false information and seek an independent audit to define the "scale and scope" of fake news.
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Avaaz spoke to social media experts and internet regulators before creating its proposed solution, which Patel said the organization has tested internationally. "These are the solutions we believe Facebook and other social media sites can do short term to make the maximum impact protecting democracy," Patel said.
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Avaaz also wants Facebook to make the public aware each time a user shares and views inaccurate information.
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Patel said the goal of the protest was to "put maximum pressure on Facebook and lawmakers."

n"We wanted a way to respond to Zuckerberg coming to Congress," he said. "What better way to visualize the problem than having a fake army when Zuckerberg is coming to testify?"
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Their proposed solution calls for Facebook to "support independent audits" to prevent the spread of false information and fake user accounts and pages.
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More than 900,000 people worldwide have signed an open letter to Zuckerberg, government regulators and Internet CEOs urging them to tell the truth, ban bots, alert the public and fund fact-checkers.
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The letter was set to appear in ads in Politico and The Washington Post on Tuesday and Wednesday.
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The cutout arrangement came about a month after Avaaz displayed 7,000 pairs of shoes near the Capitol to honor child gun violence victims.
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