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Maryland Opens COVID Vaccine Preregistration to Everyone 16+

Anyone 16 and older in Maryland can preregister for a shot at a mass vaccination site, the governor said

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has announced anyone older than 16 can preregister to get their COVID-19 shot at one of the state's mass vaccination sites.

Nearly 300,000 Marylanders have already preregistered, Hogan said. Preregistering is the first step to getting a shot at a mass site.

Hogan previously said all residents 16 or older would be able to get the vaccine no later than April 27th. But now he hopes to expand eligibility even sooner — and opening up preregistration is the first step.

Individuals in phases one and two, which include older people and those with chronic conditions, will be prioritized for vaccine appointments, Hogan said Thursday.

Maryland was able to move up its vaccination timeline due to larger shipments from the federal government as well as growing capacity to put shots in arms, Hogan said.

How to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine in Maryland

Once you become eligible, there are two main ways to get your shot: at a mass vaccination site or at a local clinic.

To increase your chances of getting a COVID-19 vaccine quickly, start by preregistering at a mass site then start looking for clinic appointments. Just don't book yourself two time slots for vaccination.

Call 1-855-MD-GOVAX for assistance if needed.

To preregister for a vaccine at a mass vaccination site: Eligible Marylanders can sign up for a shot at a mass vaccination site here.

Mass vaccination sites require you to preregister, then wait for a notification to book an appointment.

When it’s your turn to book an appointment, you will get an email, phone call or text based on your preference. That notification will tell you how to book an appointment.

Maryland's mass vaccination sites as of March 30, 2021

To find a clinic near you: Clinics, hospitals, local health departments and pharmacies including Walgreens and Giant are offering the shot. Use the Maryland COVID-19 Vaccination Site Locator tool to find a clinic near you and learn how to book an appointment for the shot.

Many clinics allow you to book appointments, although some may also require you to preregister then wait.

The University of Maryland Medical System is also accepting preregistrations for vaccine appointments. Sign up here.

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