Man vs. Bear: Got the T-Shirt?

Local T-shirt company Sharp Shirter answers the age-old question: Between man and bear, who would win in a fist fight?

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Sharp Shirter
Teaching kids how conquerable predatory animals are has never been so easy! Just employ the <a href="" target=blank>Haymaker tee</a> ($24; also available for grownups <a href="" target=blank>here</a>). <b>GET IT:</b> <a href="" target=blank></a>
Sharp Shirter
A man can win against a <i>regular</I> bear, but when it comes to pandas? Especially around D.C.? Not a chance. <b>GET IT:</b> <A href="" target=blank></a>, $24.
Molly Martinez
Sharp Shirter, a D.C. T-shirt brand since 2005, is available online, as well as <a href="" target=blank>Meeps Clothing Boutique</a> (2104 18th St. N.W.) in Adams Morgan.
Sharp Shirter
Who doesn't love a kid in a penguin-jetpack shirt? Your kid can also look this obedient in this <a href="" target=blank>wingless migration kids tee</a> ($24). <b>GET IT:</b> <a href="" target=blank></a>
Molly Martinez
Penguins and bears and penguin vs. bears, OH MY! This shirt ($24) focuses on a not-so-classic conundrum. <b>GET IT:</b>n<a href="" target=blank></a>
Sharp Shirter
No animals were harmed in the design of thisn<a href="" target=blank>branched solider v-neck</a> ($26). <b>GET IT:</b> <a href="" target=blank></a>
Sharp Shirter
It's a shirt! It's a dress! ...It's a nightie? Regardless of your use for it, this purple <a href="" target=blank>fish & ships dress</a> is perfect for many occasions, and on sale for $15.
Molly Martinez
This D.C. shirt is available at <a href="" target=blank>Meeps Clothing Boutique</a>, 2104 18th St. N.W.
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