Ryan Kerrigan

Ryan Kerrigan

Ryan Kerrigan quickly has become a mainstay on the Redskins' revamped defense.

The No. 1 pick out of Purdue brings the pass rush from the outside, making him part of a young dynamic duo with Brian Orakpo -- sometimes dubbed "Kerrakpo" -- that gives opposing QBs the creeps.

Off the field, Kerrigan is adjusting to life as an NFL star. He's already filled us in a bit on his personal life -- he's a bad golfer, he doesn't eat Doritos and his favorite food is chili -- but we're guessing there's more than meets the eye, and that as he gets more comfortable with his fame he'll open up even more.

Until then, we'll keep following him on Twitter to find out when he's going to be featured in a Geico commercial.

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