NitePics: A Peek Inside The TrenDCity Fashion Showcase

Designers and live artists alike were in attendence at TrenDCity, a fashion benefit for Matter of Trust. The charity is spearheading an effort to mobilize natural fiber (read: hair) recycling to aid the Gulf Coast Oil Spill cleanup efforts.

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Sunday's TrenDCity fashion showcase benefited Matter of Trust, a charity aimed at collecting natural fibers (read: hair) for the Gulf Coast Oil Spill cleanup effort. Here, Pretty Powerful Events members, Candace Hicks, Melissa Rich, Candice Jones, and Ticona Wills pose for a snapshot before the event.
Mia Fields-Hall
Jewelry designs by designer Dana Ayanna, owner of Artistic Aya, were featured in the showcase.
Mia Fields-Hall
Laura Sherrod and Jennifer Fisher of the Fashion Delegate pose for a photo.
Mia Fields-Hall
Live artist Courtney Savoy was busy painting throughout the TrenDCity showcase.
Mia Fields-Hall
Marie Jonjo and Bianca Podds enjoy the showcase, networking, and cocktails.
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