Michelle Obama Helps Paint Army Vet's Home

The soldier, who was injured in Afghanistan, received a $100,000 renovation to his home from the nonprofit Rebuilding Together.

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First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden helped spruce up the home of U.S. Army veteran Johnny Agbi (C), who was injured in Afghanistan.
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The first lady and Dr. Biden joined Sears Holdings Corporation and the nonprofit Rebuilding Together to put the final touches on the 1,000th home that they've rebuilt for injured veterans since 2007.
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Michelle was stylish in a cropped pink button-down shirt, while Dr. Biden clearly forethought the issues with painting in dress clothes. The Army T-shirt is appropriate, as her stepson Beau Biden served in Iraq with the Army.
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Agbi's three-story rowhouse in Northwest D.C., a few blocks from the Capitol, underwent a $100,000 renovation. His was the 1,000th home for the 1,000 Veterans Housing Project.
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U.S. Army veteran Johnny Agbi, who owns the home, suffered brain and spinal cord injuries while serving in Afghanistan. He uses a wheelchair, but can walk short distances with the aid of a cane.
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The first and second ladies of the U.S. helped put the finishing touches on the renovation Monday by painting the walls of Agbi's living room.
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