Liberated Libations

Grab a drink and show your USA love

This Thursday, show your allegiance to the stars and stripes a couple days early with Liberated Libations at The Gibson (2009 14th St. N.W.). Nothing raises the spirits and says "I love my country" more than unlimited cocktails at a faux speakeasy. Hey, even the Constitution eventually endorsed drinking! 

While you're there, chow down on a whole roasted whole hog, grilled veggies and (natch) some good, old-fashioned American cocktails. What better way to celebrate the country's freedom from those Brits, right?

Tickets are $75 per person (tax and gratuity included). Have a merry time, Founding Father-style -- just be sure to call (202) 232-2156 for tickets soon.

Fellow Americans, raise your glass. We propose a toast (or two or three) to the USA. Thanks for being founded, and also for repealing Prohibition!

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