Best Gifts for Big Spenders

Either money's no object, or you REALLY like window-shopping.

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Neiman Marcus
Neiman Marcus
Why buy season tickets when you can have the actual seats year-round? You can own a piece of baseball history, literally, with these Fenway Park seats ($1,499). Great for any Boston fan, or to infuriate a Yankees fan you hate. Model not included.
Ride in style -- OK, in serious style -- with the heavy-duty Fr8 8-Speed Dutch Bicycle ($2,195) from WorkCycles. Perfect for carrying the kids, groceries or just cruising around the District, the gender-neutral Fr8 features a low-instep frame suitable for a wide range of height and a low range of budgets.
You can never go wrong with a classic, especially when it’s Balenciaga. Even if it's in an... um... "unusual" color. At 15" high and 19" wide, the Arena Giant Weekender $2,195) is sure to fit all of your belongings. And at that price, it had better.
Saks Fifth Avenue
Nothing says opulence like rare cured fish eggs. Now all your favorite caviars come in a box, thanks to the Petrossian Caviar Five-Star Showcase ($555). Our advice: Savor every mouthful.
Skiing is usually seen as a snobby sport, but now you can snobliterate the competition with this Chanel snowboard ($3,080). Great for the really, really refined sportsman.
Michael Kors
Glitter, crystals and sparkles, oh my! For the overly glamorous woman, the Bel Aire Chronograph ceramic watch by Michael Kors ($495) is a perfect match, just in time for the holidays. (Available online or at Michael Kors, 3103 M St. NW).
Saks Fifth Avenue
For $100 an ounce, you can slather your face with the ocean's best. Nutrient rich, this stuff claims to eliminate wrinkles. For that price, Crème de la Mer ($1,650 for 16.5 ounces) better also double as an immortality potion.
$265 for an unscented candle? Totally worth it. Come on, it's Hermès, people! Jeez! (French accent not included.)
Saks Fifth Avenue
No one appreciates the finer things in life than babies, right? They're totally over the silver spoons in their mouths, so give them this silver panda rattle ($315)... which, let's be honst, will also go in their mouths.
Saks Fifth Avenue
Everyone knows you can afford an iPad, but show them you mean business with these Prada iPad cases ($330; $595). Nothing says "I am the one percent" more than an accessory that most people buy for $20.
If diamonds are a girl's best friend, shoes are the key to her heart. These Alexander McQueen sculpted sandals ($3,495) are sure to get you out of the dog house, and into the penthouse.
Characterize your love a love-letter necklace by Charmed Circle. Give loved ones a necklace with their initial, lucky number or favorite punctuation mark. What better way to exclaim your adoration?! (See all options here; $295 with chain; $275 without).
Marc Jacobs
Leave it to Mr. Marc Jacobs to find the right balance between girly and sophisticated. This deluxe quilted leather wallet ($465) would likely stay empty if the buyer had to shell out the cash herself. But loooookkk! It's cute! It has a bow. And six credit card slots.
The FatBoy ($239) is totally awesome beanbag, not your boyfriend after too many trips to Shake Shack. Perfect for lazy Sundays... or any other day of the week, if you're independently wealthy. If you're really feeling spendy, though, try a Love Sac ($799 & up).
For the ferocious man in your life, these Tiger cufflinks ($525) by Deakin & Francis might be the ticket. Note: Not made with real tiger blood.
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