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Aww! Your lucky gift recipient can snuggle on the couch with their very own felt D.C. pillow ($54), available in multiple colors. The squishable District measures 18" north to south and 15.5" east to west. GET IT: lovecalifornia on
Washington National Cathedral
Want a piece (literally) of the Washington National Cathedral -- and not the kind that fell off during this summer's earthquake? This Christmas ornament ($19.99) is made from the same Indiana limestone used in the construction of the cathedral. GET IT: National Cathedral gift shop, online or 3101 Wisconsin Ave. NW.
Textile Museum Shop
Ruched plaid scarves -- handmade from merino wool -- are just some of the shockingly hipster-appropriate accessories you'll find at the Textile Museum store. Great bags, jewelry, ties, quilts and home decor abounds. GET IT: Textile Museum, online or 2320 S St. NW.
Nick Hanzlik, the artist behind celeb-loved stationery company R. Nichols, launched a collection of D.C.-themed Christmas cards ($22 for a box of 10) this year. Although he lives in L.A. now, Hanzlik is a local -- he even went to Sidwell Friends! GET IT: Neiman Marcus Mazza Gallerie (5300 Wisconsin Ave. NW) or Ginger Boutique (7114 Bethesda Lane, Bethesda).
Freak out that aunt of yours who's constantly complaining about various made-up maladies. "The Complete Manual of Things That Will Kill You" ($19.95) profiles more than 300 deadly diseases, organized by symptom, so she can self-diagnose each time she sneezes. GET ITL
Ben's Chili Bowl
The perfect gift for friends and family out of town who can't make it back to Ben's Chili Bowl. Send them Bill Cosby's favorite -- two eight-packs of Ben's half smokes and plenty of chili sauce to drown them in ($59.95). All they have to do is grill, slather and serve on a bun of their choice. GET IT:
The "D.C. Love screenprint ($15) is hand-printed, with the red umbrellas painted in watercolor. Other scenes include the Capitol in the snow, King Street in Alexandria and the Jefferson Memorial. GET IT: artsharkdesigns,
The D.C. flag isn't content with just hanging out on a flagpole these days. The logo pops up on these custom D.C. tees ($20), available in skull, football, heart, statehood and shamrock editions, in a ton of colors for both shirt and paint -- pick your pairing and go from there. GET IT: 237inc,
Apres Peau
Good things come in fours -- like the District itself, or these Vintage D.C Map Coasters ($38). GET IT: Apres Peau, online or 1430 K St. NW.
Bureau of Printing and Engraving
There's nothing like the smell of cash on Christmas morning, direct from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. These uncut currency sheets ($16.25-$900) will definitely impress your little brother, especially after you make up that story about stealing them. GET ITL
Bureau of Printing and Engraving
A nickel bag is a perfect holiday gift. And it's perfectly legal! This five-pound bag of U.S. currency ($45) is worth $10,000 -- well, if it weren't shredded. Which it is. But hey, it's the thought that counts. They can thank you after they tape it all back together.
Mount Vernon Historical Association
Would it really be the holidays in Virginia without guns? No way! This replica pistol ($98.95) is just like the one George Washington was partial to in 1775. And he who has G-Dub's pistol gets to play him at the next reenactment! GET IT:
A discrete way to show support for the White House without actually advertising it. Pick a silk scarf ($150) themed with the Red Room, the Blue Room, the South Portico, and more. Only drawback? They're made in France. Oh well. GET IT:
Kennedy Center
OK, so this Cello CD Rack (was $260; now $120) is a lot more easy on the wallet than it used to be -- and it's sure easy on the eyes. The racks, designed to look like a cello is actually punching through the wall(!), are made from hand-carved wood pieces of classic cellos. GET IT: The Kennedy Center (2700 F St. N.W.) or online.
Shuttles as rooks and Saturns as bishops? Sure, go with it. This space chess set ($45) is just plain amusing. Your geeky, chess-playin' boyfriend will heart it.
National Archives eStore
Celebrate(?) the machinery of government with this Authentic Government Red Tape Flag ($75) is a stylish paperweight with seven pieces of actual red tape inside. Each is assembled by hand. GET IT: National Archives eStore.
White House Historical Association
For some of us, it's a yearly tradition: Get Mom a White House Christmas ornament ($17.95). 2011's highlights the excitement that President Theodore Roosevelt, first lady Edith and their young family brought to the White House. The ornament's front comes from a 1901 political cartoon. GET IT:
Some of the world's finest works of art are on display in D.C., including many from abstract impressionist Mark Rothko, who had family ties to the District. An assortment of prints on paper suit the style of anyone on your shopping list. GET IT: National Gallery of Art, online or 4th Street and Constitution Avenue NW.
Sure, your gift recipient might not be a Supreme Court Justice right now, but the legally minded should always be prepared. Try out these 3D Supreme Court Seal cufflinks ($61.95), with a raised, gold-plated eagle for extra justice and liberty. GET IT:
"Jazz: A Film by Ken Burns" ($99.99 now; $69.99) is a 10-DVD set exploring the legacy of jazz greats including D.C.'s own Duke Ellington. The documentary opens spans the Harlem Renaissance and the Jazz Age, to World War II and beyond. GET IT:
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