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Howard Stern & Jamie Foxx Start Sirius Feud



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    There's a Sirius rivalry brewing between two of the satellite radio network's biggest stars.

    Howard Stern went after Jamie Foxx earlier this week after he and his "Foxxhole" crew made remarks criticizing the shock jock and co-host Robin Quivers for comments they made about "Precious" star Gabourey Sidibe.

    "The crew started in with me. I'm not… gonna sit here and take it and listen to some bulls***," Howard said on his show. "And quite frankly, I'm going to end it now, because, you know what, I got a s***load of stuff on Jamie, which isn't a lot of fun."

    The radio host then questioned the "Valentine's Day" star's sexuality.

    "It's interesting he chose the name Jamie," Howard said. "He seems to be into some bizarre thing where he wants to start in with me so he can get some attention for his channel on the 'Foxxhole' – which is an interesting name, too. I wonder which hole they're referring to."

    The shock jock continued to riff on the subject, adding that Jamie is no longer his friend.

    "I don't really care about Jamie Foxx," he said. "Jamie says he's a friend of mine, Jamie's not a friend of mine. I've had him on the show a couple of times. I don't consider him a friend anymore… I don't dislike the guy, he's a very talented guy."

    Earlier, Jamie's "Foxxhole" crew went after Howard and Robin in response to Howard's controversial comments about Gabourey's weight.

    "She has a lot in common with 'Precious,' she was overweight, she was once black," one crew member said of Robin. Later in the show, Jamie used the n-word with regard to Robin before stating that he hopes the beef gets the two shows publicity.

    "I hope that this feud gets us hot, because Howard hasn't really made a big splash in a long time," Jamie said.

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