Alliance for Asian American Justice

Group of Lawyers Offer Free Legal Help to Victims of Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

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A new group of lawyers has teamed up to offer free legal help to victims of anti-Asian hate crimes.

Robert Hur, an attorney in D.C., helped create the Alliance for Asian American Justice. He said it was created to give victims a voice.

“We are eager to jump in and make sure that people are standing up for these victims,” Hur said. “All too often in Asian culture, at least I know it’s true of my own parents, if something bad happens to you, it’s almost like making it worse if you stand up and try to get something done about it.”

More than 40 law firms around the country have signed up to help. Many of the lawyers are Asian American and speak a second language to help translate for those they serve.

“If you’re a first-generation American, English isn’t your first language. This can be a very intimidating set of circumstances to walk through,” Hur said. 

Hur now represents two women in Baltimore who were recently beaten in the head with a cinder block. 

“I just cringed and I felt physically ill... They’re extraordinarily strong and courageous women to be fighting off their attacker in that way,” Hur said.


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He said his group’s ultimate goal is to put a stop to the attacks and for their services to not be needed. But until then, Hur said the lawyers are happy to step up and help.

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