World Hoop Day: Yes, This Is a Thing

Off for Veterans Day Friday? Hooping, It Turns Out, Is an Option

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    They can show you the world. Or... how to hoop.

    The resurgence of hula hoop coolness continues.

    World Hoop Day -- the hula hooping whimsy that comes upon us every 13 months -- is happening this 11/11. (Last year: 10/10. Next year: 12/12. Following along? Good.)

    The event runs 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Sylvan Stage on the grounds of the Washington Monument, southeast of the monument itself.

    First Lady Takes Hula Hoop for 142 Spins

    [DC] First Lady Takes Hula Hoop for 142 Spins
    First lady Michelle Obama hosts about 100 students at a healthy kids fair and shows off her hoops.

    Participants will be decorating hoops during the day and then later giving them to local low-income kids.

    It's a fun, affordable form of exercise -- and it has Michelle Obama as a fan. She famously took 142 spins in a row.

    What's Your Workout? Hula Hooping

    [DC] What's Your Workout? Hula Hooping
    This workout doesn't involve a whole lot of hoopla. That's because all you need is a hula hoop.

    You can also catch "mini-lessons, improv-jamming, potluck'ing, hoop-networking, and generally enjoying our ever- growing hoop community, together," the DC Hoop Collective says on its events page.

    All levels of hoopers are welcome; bring a water bottle and wear several layers of warm, form-fitting clothing.

    One last tip: Bring your own cup, fork, knife, spoon and so on if you're planning to partake in food, because this is an eco-friendly event. You can also donate to the group here.

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