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D.C. Rental Market Costs Top NYC, LA

DC has 6th most expensive rent in the country



    D.C. Rental Market Costs Top NYC, LA
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    Consider the Nation’s Capital the high-rent District.

    The Washington region is the sixth most expensive rental market in the country, according to a study called, “Paycheck to Paycheck: Wages and the Cost of Housing in America.”

    San Francisco comes in as the most expensive city for housing, averaging $1,760 a month for a two-bedroom unit. The least expensive city is Wheeling, W.Va. at $588. 

    The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development sets fair market rents. It used base rents from the 2000 census and data from the American Community Survey and Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Center for Housing Policy conducted the rent study.

    In the Washington region, the fair market rent in 2009 was $1,494 a month, the same as Bethesda, Md., according to the study.

    Los Angeles came in 10th on the list of most expensive rental cities, while New York City sits at No. 13.

    10 Most Expensive Rental Markets:

    1. San Francisco, $1,760
    2. Honolulu, $1,704
    3. Santa Cruz, Calif., $1,656
    4. Santa Ana, Calif., $1,594
    5. Suffolk-Nassau, NY, $1,592
    6. Washington, D.C.
    7. Bethesda, Md., $1,494
    8. Oxnard, Calif., $1,479
    9. San Jose, Calif., $1,438
    10. Los Angeles, Calif., $1,420

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