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How to Stalk the Georgetown Elite

It's easier than you'd think



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    Can't afford.

    If you lived here, you'd be famous by now.

    Wondering how to up your odds of brunching next to Bob Woodward, Arlen Specter or White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers? Georgetowner has a cutely drawn map (think magic markers!) of notable Georgetown residents.

    In case you're wondering, Nancy Pelosi and her investor husband, Paul, live down near the water on 30th Street. John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry are up on O Street. It's almost kinda creepy how many notable names reside in a roughly nine-by-twelve block area. Well, it would be in any town other than Washington. Except for New York, which has everything. Everything except Sally Quinn, that is.

    Just remember, use the map -- which, granted, doesn't show any actual addresses -- for good and not evil. Leaving a cupcake, good. Rummaging through their garbage, BAD.