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Buy an Ocean City Pleasure Island

Room might not be much, but you can't beat the view of high-rise condos



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    This could all be yours.

    Looking for something different for your Christmas list?  Why not choose an island. 

    Just in time for the holiday, two 30-acre Ocean City islands are being auctioned this weekend, reports Delmarva Now.

    These isles might not be tropical.  They might not have palm trees.  And they most certainly lack plundered booty.  But they are about a mile off the northern end of Ocean City, tucked in the bay.

    They're far enough from the city that you probably can't hear the sounds of drunken frat boys, nor the scent of their vomit.

    Their current owner, Gary Frick from West Ocean City, has fond feelings of the islands, telling the paper:

    "It's very close to home, and I liked that it was only a short boat ride to get there," Frick said. "I always though it was a unique place. I always thought it was neat to have those sandy beaches, with the Ocean City skyline right there. Us and the boys would just camp out and have bonfires with the family. I would have liked to keep it in the family, for the kids. Right now, you gotta keep the business up and running. I hate to let it go."

    The accommodations aren't much.  There's a tiny little trailer with bunk beds, and an attached lean-to with a generator-powered TV.

    If you have grand plans to snap the place up and build your giant McMansion, you might want to hold off.  It's in the middle of wetlands and the regulatory and permitting hurdles would kill off any dreams you may have.

    But if you're looking for a quiet place to camp and you've got a few hundred thousand dollars (they're expecting the winning bid to be $250,000 to $400,000), then go for it.  It'd certainly be an interesting Christmas present.

    (Delmarva Now reported that the auction is scheduled for 1 p.m. Sunday at the Lighthouse Sound Golf Club. Call 410-749-8092 for more info.)