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Solas Nua: New Light, New Voices

Irish theater company shaking things up



    Famous Showdowns Between Outlaws and the Law
    Who will you see on your deathbed?

    Do you like your theater with an edge -- and an accent? Check out Solas Nua's latest production Woman and Scarecrow now off and running until May 31 at Flashpoint (916 G St. NW). It's a comedy about a woman on her deathbed who is visited by several spirits and/or people as she begins her final exit. Yes, it's funny. And, being Irish, it's got big characters and lots of Celtic bluster.

    As usual with Sola Nua productions,  the critics love it.

    This production brought young, cute director Des Kennedy back from Belfast. He's an interesting lad and I interviewed him about the who, what, when, where and why of Belfast and the art coming from there. You know it's got that nasty car bombing, IRA troubles history to it. But that's now well in its past. Belfast is a thriving metropolis that's emerging as an important cultural center in Ireland.

    I'll have a full report on Des and Woman and Scarecrow coming up on NBC4. But for now, here's a clip and a hope that you'll get yourself to Flashpoint to see what the Irish are up to these days.

    Irish Director Brings Deathbed Comedy to DC

    [DC] Irish Director Brings Deathbed Comedy to DC
    A young director from Belfast spent some time with Solas Nua theater company to help them produce their latest play: "Woman and Scarecrow."
    (Published Monday, May 25, 2009)

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