• metformin May 29

    FDA Finds Contamination in Several Brands of Diabetes Drug

    U.S. health regulators are telling five drugmakers to recall versions of a popular diabetes drug due to contamination with an ingredient linked to cancer

  • insulin May 27

    Surgeon General Dodges Follow-Up After Trump Muses Taking Insulin

    Dr. Jerome Adams, U.S. Surgeon General, avoided answering a question from a reporter on Tuesday about whether individuals without diabetes should take insulin. The question came after President Trump, who does not have diabetes, jokingly asked whether he should be taking insulin. People without diabetes who take insulin are at serious risk for seizures, coma or death.

  • insulin prices May 26

    Trump Announces Insulin Price Cuts for Medicare Seniors

    President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday that seniors with prescription drug coverage through Medicare will be eligible for lower insulin payments in 2021. The updated Part D Senior Savings Model caps co-pays for insulin at $35 a month.


    Maryland Teacher Survives Coronavirus, Says It Might Have Saved His Life

    A Prince George’s County teacher spent ten days in a medically induced coma fighting COVID-19 but walked away with his life. “I’m very grateful to be alive,” Jason Flanagan said in a video interview. Flanagan, a 39-year-old teacher at High Point High School, first got sick in mid-March with symptoms of a cold. He and his wife, Leslie, quickly...

  • Maryland Apr 23

    Maryland Teacher Says Coronavirus Put Him in Coma for 10 Days

    A Prince George’s County teacher shared the struggle he went through while battling COVID-19. He faced setback after setback in the ICU. But as he gets better, he says his fight against the illness actually may have saved his life, moving forward.

  • Health Dec 4, 2019

    How to Manage Diabetes and Holiday Eating

    When faced with the abundance of holiday food, managing blood sugar levels may be more of a challenge for diabetics but that doesn’t mean they have to miss out on the holiday cheer. Health experts show us how it’s possible to enjoy holiday meals while maintaining blood sugar levels.

  • NBC Nov 24, 2019

    Tyler Perry Is Helping Out an American Couple Stuck in Mexico With $16K Hospital Bill

    An Atlanta couple’s dream cruise vacation took a scary turn when Tori Austin’s fiancée suffered a serious medical emergency on board the ship, NBC News reports. Austin told NBC News her fiancée, Stephen Johnson, was rushed to a private hospital in Progreso, Mexico, over a week ago in critical condition after medics aboard a cruise ship diagnosed him with pancreatitis,...

  • Michigan Nov 15, 2019

    Will You Get Dementia? Many May Not Understand Their Risk

    Many older American adults may inaccurately estimate their chances for developing dementia and do useless things to prevent it, new research suggests. Almost half of adults surveyed believed they were likely to develop dementia. The results suggest many didn’t understand the connection between physical health and brain health and how racial differences can affect dementia risk. Substantial numbers of people...

  • Chief Nov 8, 2019

    10 Hospitalized From Oklahoma Facility After Flu Shot Mix-Up

    Ten people at an Oklahoma care facility for people with intellectual disabilities were hospitalized after they were apparently accidentally injected with what’s believed to be insulin rather than flu shots, authorities said. Emergency responders were called Wednesday afternoon to the Jacquelyn House in Bartlesville, about 40 miles (65 kilometers) north of Tulsa, on a report of an unresponsive person and...

  • Halloween Nov 4, 2019

    Halloween's Over, Now What to Do With All Your Kids' Candy

    With trick or treating over, all that candy is in your house. So now what? You can hide it from the kids, or maybe eat it yourself, but there are concerns about the amount of candy kids are consuming. “I am a really big candy fan,” says Heather Flannery. “We eat a lot of candy at our house.” The National...

  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute Sep 25, 2019

    A Spoonful Less Sugar, Tad More Fat: US Diets Still Lacking

    Americans’ diets are a little less sweet and a little crunchier but there’s still too much sugar, white bread and artery-clogging fat, a study suggests. Overall, the authors estimated there was a modest improvement over 16 years on the government’s healthy eating index, from estimated scores of 56 to 58. That’s hardly cause for celebration — 100 is the top...

  • VMS Sep 13, 2019

    Food 4 Thought: Decoding Bread Labels

    Reading labels on grocery staples like bread can be confusing. News4’s Jummy Olabanji helps viewers decode their bread labels.

  • VMS Sep 9, 2019

    Consumer Reports Recommends Limiting How Much Deli Meat You Eat

    New analysis by Consumer Reports underscores certain health risks with deli meats because of preservatives used to help extend the shelf life. News4’s Jummy Olabanji looks at why you can’t always go by what you read on the label.

  • California Jun 25, 2019

    Bottled Water Brand Found to Have High Levels of Arsenic Pulled From Stores

    Peñafiel bottled water is being pulled from store shelves after a report found that the products contained arsenic at levels that exceeded federal standards, NBC News reports. Keurig Dr Pepper Inc., the company that makes this brand of bottled water, said Peñafiel unflavored mineral spring water products are involved in the market withdrawal. It wrote in a statement Friday that...

  • United States Jun 18, 2019

    In DC, Diabetes Is Twice the National Average East of the River

    Statistics for type 2 diabetes in Washington, D.C., neighborhoods East of the Anacostia River (Wards 7 and 8) are quite alarming. D.C. Health suggests that 13.4 percent of residents living in Wards 7; and 19.7 percent of residents in Ward 8 have diabetes (highest in the city). Comparatively, only 3.6 percent of residents living in Ward 2 have diabetes; and...

  • The Associated Press Jun 18, 2019

    Egypt's Ousted President Morsi Buried After Courtroom Death

    Egypt’s first democratically elected president, Islamist leader Mohammed Morsi, was buried under heavy security early on Tuesday, a day after his dramatic collapse and death inside a Cairo courtroom, a member of his defense team said. Morsi’s family attended funeral prayers in the mosque of Cairo’s Tora prison, followed by the burial at a cemetery in the city’s eastern district...

  • Chicago Jun 13, 2019

    Sleeping With the TV On May Make You Gain Weight

    Dozing off to late-night TV or sleeping with other lights on may mix up your metabolism and lead to weight gain and even obesity, provocative but preliminary U.S. research suggests. The National Institutes of Health study published Monday isn’t proof, but it bolsters evidence suggesting that too much exposure to light at night could pose health risks. “Evolutionarily we are...

  • VMS Jun 12, 2019

    Does the Keto Diet Work?

    It’s the latest fit fad. The Keto diet, which features low carbs and high fat. But does it really work? NBC10 investigates.

  • Chicago Jun 10, 2019

    Sleeping With the TV on May Make You Gain Weight

    Dozing off to late-night TV or sleeping with other lights on may mix up your metabolism and lead to weight gain and even obesity, provocative but preliminary U.S. research suggests. The National Institutes of Health study published Monday isn’t proof, but it bolsters evidence suggesting that too much exposure to light at night could pose health risks. “Evolutionarily we are...

  • D.C. Jun 4, 2019

    CVS Announces Further Expansion Into Health Care Services

    CVS Health is pushing deeper into health services with plans to add dietitians, medical equipment and space for the occasional yoga class to 1,500 stores over the next few years. The drugstore chain that quit selling tobacco several years ago said Tuesday it will expand a store model it recently tested. Its HealthHub stores will have about twice as much...

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