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Toys R Us Manager Paid Call Girl $31,000 a Week

British judge grills call-girl during enforcement hearing to reclaim money



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    A Toys R US manager was sent to prison for seven years and ordered to pay back the millions he spent buying houses and cars for prostitutes.

    A British Toys R Us manager paid a prostitute $31,000 a week in stolen funds, and now the international chain wants the money back, it emerged in court.

    Disgraced manager Paul Hopes spent a total of $6 million on services from call girl Dawn Dunbar, prompting a stunned judge to ask how she arived at her fee.

    "It is [$31,000] a week," marveled Judge Stephen John. "How do you manage to evaluate your services — sex — at [$31,000] a week? "How do you justify that?"

    Dunbar, according to the Telegraph, replied: "It wasn't me that was putting the worth on that. It was Mr. Hopes paying what he thought it was worth."

    Hopes, 59, is a former purchasing manager for the company father of two. His wife has divorced him since the scandal, and he is serving seven years in prison for theft and money laundering. The hearing involved the order that he pay back millions of dollars spent on houses and cars for prostitutes.

    The issue is whether Dunbar and other prostitutes earned their money or it was given to them, and whether they should have to forfeit it to the toy chain. A hearing with another prostitute, Tanya Wieck, was expected in coming weeks.