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It's Hotter at Virginia Beach



    It's Hotter at Virginia Beach
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    Some thieves in Virginia Beach must be trying to gear up for the next heat wave.

    Police in the city say 65 air conditioning units have been stolen from both businesses and homes in the past four months. In some cases several units were taken from businesses at one time. Some units were broken down into parts, while some were taken as a whole.

    In an interview with the Virginian-Pilot, a Virginia Beach Police spokesman spoke about the thefts:

    "The larcenies have occurred citywide, but the third precinct, which encompasses the northwest corner of the city, has had the most thefts, said Officer Adam Bernstein, a police spokesman. Air conditioners located in fenced-in yards are best protected, Bernstein said. It also helps to install motion-sensor lights and video surveillance, he said. In some cases, individuals who have had air conditioners stolen in the past have installed a cage around the unit to prevent further theft, Bernstein said."

    Virginia Beach police are asking you to call them with any information.