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Postmaster Admits to Stealing Stamps

Post office employee charged with stealing thousands of dollars in stamps



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    They say that neither rain nor sleet nor gloom of night can stop the mailman.

    Felony theft charges, however, apparently can.

    Just ask Gilbert Ennis. The 56-year-old postal worker from Lanham, Md., has pleaded guilty to stealing almost $60,000 in stamps from the Marbury Post Office in Charles County, where he was the postmaster.

    Investigators said Ennis called police last November, claiming he was held up at gunpoint while alone in the post office. Ennis told officers the gunman demanded he open the safe before locking Ennis in the bathroom. He also said that a green box in that safe containing more than $50,000 worth of stamps was stolen.

    Investigators, though, said something just didn’t add up. Perhaps they became suspicious when they found a green box identical to the missing one in Ennis’ car. They also discovered that the so-called robber walked into the post office through a door that was deadbolted and couldn’t be opened from outside.

    Now, Ennis faces up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. He already agreed to pay restitution from his federal retirement fund. He also agreed to resign.