Teddy Fails Again

The buzz at Nats Park on Monday was only partly due to the fact that the reigning National League Cy Young Award winner Roy Halladay was on the hill for the visiting Philadelphia Phillies.

There also were many people in D.C. who were sure it was Teddy's day to finally win the Presidents Race.

Dan Steinberg gave us 10 reasons why he thought Teddy's time had come.

Jayson Werth had also recently gone public with his support for Roosevelt. In fact, Werth's comments seem to have kicked the "Let Teddy Win" movement into another gear.

Many feel that the team's luck may change if the winless president notches his first victory. Could it be that the Nats are just suffering from the Curse of Teddy Roosevelt?

The big win didn't come on Memorial Day. In fact, it was a big loss for Teddy, who finished in dead last.

Fans wearing shirts and holding signs bearing the "Let Teddy Win" slogan were disappointed, to say the least. Abe even grabbed a sign and held it up to show his support.

With Werth and Abe now fighting the good fight, who knows what will happen in the near future. Whether Teddy winning will kick the Nats into gear, we still don't know ... and we won't until he does!

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