Video: Behind the scenes with the Kings on ‘The Price is Right'

As we covered in our Photo Expedition, the Los Angeles Kings recently taped an episode of "The Price is Right."

Derek Armstrong, Dustin Brown, Kyle Calder and Denis Gauthier played the bidding game, trying to become the closest to the actual retail price without going over. They took part in the Showcase Showdown, one that somehow involved ripped jeans and Brown losing his shirt on a motorboat. Also, Bailey, the Kings mascot, was neutered at the request of former host Bob Barker (kidding).

Kings Vision, which follows the exploits of the players for the team's official Web site, chronicled some behind the scenes malarkey. Like, for example, the boys fulfilling an undeniable dream for any game show fan: Spinning the big wheel on "The Price is Right." The Kings can now fail to win the Stanley Cup knowing they've already touched a legendary artifact this season.

So join Puck Daddy-approved host Heidi Androl for video coverage of professional hockey players appearing on a game show based on simple math. Or as we call it, "irony."

Here's Heidi and the Kings. How exactly do you pull on Dustin Brown's hair?

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