Prez Beats Huskies at PIG

You might know that President Barack Obama shot hoops with the national champion UConn women's basketball team at the White House on Monday, but you haven't been able to see any video of it, until now!

Thank goodness for YouTube. The women played President Obama in a short game of PIG, a shorter version of HORSE. 

"He only missed one shot out of five shots. In 20 years, I'll remember that I could not make one jump shot at the White House. My clothes hindered me. I couldn't extend my arms," senior Renee Montgomery told the Hartford Courant.

In fact, the President beat UConn's big three of Montgomery, Maya Moore and Tina Charles. 

Knowing the way those girls shoot, we're thinking they may have missed a few on purpose.

After all, the team has won six of the last 15 NCAA titles, five undefeated regular seasons, three undefeated championship seasons and had had two 39-0 seasons.

Watch UConn Play the President in Hoops

When the President met with the team, he said he was proud of them and made a special note that, as a dad of two girls, it is teams like the UConn Huskies who helped women make a name for themselves in professional basketball.

“It was this program in the mid-1990s as much as anything that helped propel women’s basketball into the national consciousness, and thanks to players like each of these women, and those who came before them, our young women today look at themselves differently, especially tall young women, like my daughters,” he said. “My girls look at the TV when I am watching SportsCenter and they see women staring back, and that shows them they can be champions too.”

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