Ovi's Expensive Taste in Accessories

Alex Ovechkin attended the Versace Fashion Week event on Wednesday, and while his attire may not have been up to par, his wrist wear was certainly something to be admired.

Tom Murro of CelebrityMagnet.com was also attending the party and noticed Ovi’s pricey accessory.

“I asked Alex if he was making any purchases in the store and he said that he already bought tons of Versace at their store in Russia,” Murro told us. “He also showed me his $238,000 Hublot Tourbillon wristwatch.”

We suppose if Ovi is wearing free Nike gear everywhere, he might have some extra cash lying around for a little splurge. And really, who else besides Ovi could get away with wearing a Nike T-shirt to a Versace party.

Ovi spent the rest of the night mingling with NHL players and dancing with a few of the WNBA ladies. He also did some chatting with Kevin Connolly, which made for a pretty random photo op. 

photos courtesy of Tom Murro

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