Washington Football Team President Asks for Patience on New Name

"At our current pace, we hope to have chosen a new name by the middle of next year," Jason Wright wrote

Team president Jason Wright asks for patience from fans for new WFT name originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Washington Football Team president Jason Wright casually mentioned in an interview last week that there was a chance the Washington Football Team name could remain for 2021 as the organization selects a new name.

"There's a pretty good chance we will be the Washington Football Team next season," Wright said at the time.

The comment was made with the background of how long the details that go into a new name would take. But Wright's prediction was quickly met with angry backlash from fans on social media who apparently aren't thrilled with having a placeholder name.

So, in his latest President's Weekly Brief column on the team's website, Wright tried to clarify a bit.

While the moniker itself is an important aspect of the rebrand, it's not the only part of it. Wright wrote that the franchise could decide on a new name before the next season, but there will still be work to do afterward.

"At our current pace, we hope to have chosen a new name by the middle of next year," Wright wrote. "While we won't be able to reveal that immediately, choosing the name is just part of the process.

"For example, let's say we reveal our new name at some point before the beginning of the 2021 season without going through all the detailed design work of a new logo, creating merchandise, and clearing the legal hurdles to secure it all," Wright added. "Not only would that make for a trademarking headache, but it would also be an embarrassing and chaotic launch to what should be a proud and poignant moment for the franchise. And if I've heard one thing consistently from you, it's that you want a professionalized organization, not prone to knee-jerk reactions and making smart business decisions."

The team president pointed to the NHL's newest team -- the Seattle Kraken -- and how it took the organization four years to unveil its brand. He also mentioned the Los Angeles Rams, who had a two-year rebrand process that did not even include coming up with a new name. 

"We are moving at a quicker pace because we know you want this completed and we do, too," Wright said. "But, at the same time, we want to do right by you, and that does take time."


Since the moment he joined the Washington franchise, Wright understood that the process of a rebrand was one that was going to take some time. Now, he's working to share that perspective with the fanbase.

"Folks tend to love or hate the "Football Team" component of our current moniker," Wright said. "Either way, I think we can continue to educate and push broadcasters and others to refer to us as "Washington," because it flows easier during the play-by-play and reminds us all that we still represent this great area."

"In terms of giving the organization a jumpstart, I would argue we can rally around the fact that we are still Washington, and we are witnessing Coach Rivera establish a new culture," Wright said. 

He wants a new name and new era as bad as anyone, but he also wants it to be perfect.

"I know being patient is not easy, but I promise you this: you won't have to go another season with uncertainty beyond 2021, and if you commit to participating in the journey in the coming months, our identity will be one that we can proudly say is ours," Wright said. 

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