Lars Eller, Like Many Parents, Hopes Schools Will Be Safe to Open Again Soon

Lars Eller hopes schools will be safe to open again soon originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

For many kids, going to school each day might be a bit of a drag, but at this point it sounds better than virtual learning.

That also applies to most parents, especially those of young children who struggle to pay attention to teaching done over video chats.

Count Capitals center Lars Eller among those who can't wait to see schools become safe enough to open again.

"I think everything about it," Eller told NBC Sports Washington when asked what frustrations his family has had with going to school virtually. "I think Zoom is great, but certainly I don’t think it was made for teaching second graders. When you have 20 kids on the call and they all have the mic on and they all want to be seen and heard, the screen is constantly flipping, it can be a bit confusing. Let’s just say let’s hope the schools are going to open soon."

Teachers have a difficult enough time under normal circumstances in the classroom trying to get young kids to focus and learn. Doing it from across the community, only through video chats, has been quite an undertaking. And Eller, like most, is ready for a return to normalcy.

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