Nationals’ Facial Hair: Now on Twitter

jayson werth beard
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Watch out Brian Wilson, your beard soon may have some competition. 

It seems a few Nationals players' beards and moustaches have minds of their own. As of last night, Jayson Werth's beard, Collin Balester's moustache, Bryce Harper's moustache and Drew Storen's beard are all on Twitter. 

@JWerthsBeard was created more than a year ago, and, as far as we know, was the first beard to go rogue and join Twitter.

Werth's beard has more than 4,300 followers.

Nationals Inquisition reported last week that Bryce Harper has been sporting an interesting looking mustache, which some even believed to be Photoshopped.

Harper may have a hard time shaving it off now that it has its own Twitter account, as well.

Not to be left behind, Drew Storen’s beard also hopped on the bandwagon and began tweeting with fans and teammates’ facial hair on Monday.

No, seriously. They interact with each other.  

It is always nice to see the young players looking to the seasoned veteran for advice. And even more so when it's their facial hair sharing tips.

Brian Wilson, Casey Blake, Nick Markakis, and even Rollie Fingers's famed 'stache are among the facial hair currently being represented on Twitter. Wilson's, of course, is baseball's most-followed and famed beard. 

What's next in this sudden fascination with MLB facial hair? Let's expect to see a lot more players' beards and 'staches on Twitter in near future. 

In case you were wondering (we know you were): 

Jayson Werth: @JWerthsBeard
Bryce Harper: @BHarpersStache
Drew Storen: @StorensBeard
Collin Balester: @StacheOBally
Brian Wilson: @BeardofBrian
Casey Blake: @InBeardWeTrust
Nick Markakis: @NMarkakisGoatee
Rollie Fingers: @rollies_stache

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