Haynesworth MRI Shows No Damage, Still No Test

Albert Haynesworth refused to take a mandatory conditioning test again Friday morning, making it just like the previous seven. He has yet to practice with the team.

But there is something different this time: Haynesworth has now refused even after a team-ordered MRI on Thursday showed there is no structural damage to his left knee.

Of course, that lack of structural damage doesn't necessarily mean Haynesworth's knee isn't bothering him. But it does mean that the knee is attached to a giant, disgruntled man.

And if team officials were quietly annoyed before, he has just poked them with a big stick.

According to WaPo's Jason Reid:

Redskins sources: Frustration with Haynesworth rising in organization because conditioning process occupying too many key people too long. 

Although team knew he would require individual attention at start of camp, feeling internally is he could/should have passed test by now. 

Team officials perplexed because he continues to perform well on treadmill. "He was flying" on treadmill Thursday, said one source.

So what next? Reid says this latest revelation is shoring up Mike Shanahan's resolve to ... something. No one knows how this is going to end, only that it is increasingly unlikely to end with area Dunkin Donuts retaining any stock whatsoever. 

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