MLB Players Poll: Bryce Harper Most Overrated Player in Baseball

In one week, the Washington Nationals will open the 2014 season against the New York Mets, and the most overrated player in baseball -- according to an anonymous poll of his peers -- will be in the lineup.

The player in question is Bryce Harper, who was voted as such by 143 fellow baseball players in an ESPN poll.

Of course, 143 is a small sample size when compared to how many players are employed by MLB clubs, but has Harper, at the tender age of 21, already irked his contemporaries?

I am not sure I would classify Harper as "overrated." Yes, he ran into a few walls last season, but I think "overrated" here may mean "overhyped" because he definitely is that. Anyone on the cover of Sports Illustrated at 16 years old can attest to that.

That is, if I could find anyone else.

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