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We paid tribute to Bruce Boudreau yesterday and took some time to mourn. But the season moves on and so must we.

New Caps coach Dale Hunter was one of the most colorful players in NHL history. Described as a "nuisance" and "menace" on the ice and gentleman off of it, he is sure to bring some interesting character to the Caps.

We've seen alot of mentions of his infamous fights in the last two days (start here and here), and we've included perhaps his most famous hit on this list. But aside from that, who is Dale Hunter? 

He holds one of the NHL's longest suspension records.

In the 1993 Stanley Cup Semifinals, Hunter received a 21-game suspension for delivering a late hit to Pierre Turgeon from behind after Turgeon stole a puck from Hunter and scored a decisive goal.

Hunter currently has the second-most penalty minutes in NHL history with 3,565.

When the Capitals retired his No. 32 jersey, he was presented with the penalty box from the old Capital Centre at the retirement ceremony. Just last year he was ranked by Complex as the 25th dirtiest player in NHL history.

Despite his tough guy persona, he is actually a big mush.
His wife once admitted that he leaves love notes and Hershey’s kisses under her pillow.

His 1988 semi-final series winning goal against the Flyers was featured in one of last season’s Stanley Cup commercials.

He holds the record for fastest to 300 and 400 wins as a coach in the Ontario Hockey League.
He also holds the best winning percentage of OHL coaches. The leap from the OHL to the NHL is a big one, but he has clearly figured out how to make his players winners.

If we’re lucky, he’ll bring his lip-synching abilities back to Washington.


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